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Broadband Internet Survey to Measure Membership Satisfaction

The recent pandemic highlighted the importance of access to high-speed broadband internet service as everyday activities such as education, healthcare, shopping and entertainment transitioned online.
While the pandemic brought this into focus on a national stage, many of America’s electric cooperatives have worked for years to fill these broadband “deserts” by extending high-speed internet access across their communities.  A recent estimate from NRECA and RE Magazine indicates that more than 200 cooperatives in 37 states are now deploying broadband service and about 100 more are considering it. 
In an effort to help cooperatives measure satisfaction among their high-speed internet consumers, Cooperative Insights is excited to announce the inaugural Broadband Internet Satisfaction Survey. Starting first quarter 2022, Cooperative Insights will offer this online satisfaction survey to gauge perceptions related to the cost of broadband service, reliability, service responsiveness and overall customer satisfaction.
The more co-ops to participate the better! With sufficient participation, we will be able to establish performance benchmarks so you can see how you compare to a peer group. 
For additional information on this year’s study, please contact Scott Saff at 919-875-3037 or