Member Satisfaction Tracking Survey

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More than 50,000 cooperative members across the nation are surveyed through Cooperative Insights’ Member Satisfaction Tracking Survey, providing their cooperatives with information that leads to improved service levels and member satisfaction. Approximately 60 cooperatives participate in this service annually, many of which are considered “best in class” co-ops and proving that what gets measured gets managed.

Often called the “cooperative report card,” results from this survey system support cooperatives in identifying strengths and weaknesses of the cooperative and opportunities for strategic investment.

Survey Options

You can choose whether to survey a representative sample of your co-op’s general population to gauge performance satisfaction or survey a sample of members who have engaged in a transaction experience with your cooperative.

Regardless of the survey type selected, Touchstone Energy® cooperatives will earn an ACSI score, and we will provide benchmark data so you can see how your performance stacks up against other cooperatives, as well as trend analyses so you can gauge your co-op’s performance over time.

General Population Surveys:

General population surveys address the satisfaction of your members with your cooperative’s performance in core areas, including reliability, power restoration, being a trusted name, providing good value and more.

In addition to the benchmarking and analyses above, general population reports also include a gap analysis so you can see the gap between your performance and the importance of that attribute to members. Areas where the gap is greatest are often prioritized by cooperatives, as they are most likely to influence satisfaction.

Transaction Surveys:

Members interact with their cooperatives every day, and cooperatives strive to provide exceptional service in all interactions. The transactional surveys through the Member Satisfaction Tracking Survey allow you to hear straight from your members about their level of satisfaction with interactions as right-of-way service, a call to the customer service center, outage restoration and more. Identify where your co-op is doing well and where there may be opportunities to address the service provided and improve satisfaction.

How it works:

  1. A sample set of your members are invited to participate in this online survey via e-mail. We take care of the sampling, and our partner Data Decisions Group delivers the e-mails, which include the branding of your co-op and invites participation.
  2. The survey stays open for one month. Occasionally, members request a follow-up from the cooperative; we compile any such request weekly and send them to you.
  3. When the survey closes, we analyze the data and create a report, which is delivered to you at the end of the quarter. While reports are delivered quarterly, you can survey your members as frequently as monthly, in which case, we will compile three months of data into one quarterly report. If you choose to survey your members less frequently than quarterly, no problem – we’ll get the report to you at the end of the selected quarter.

Bonus options:

You can choose to add up to 15 custom questions to this survey.

Additionally, we are now introducing a text analytics option that will allow you to gain insights from member comments without having to read every verbatim response. This analytics capability bridges the gap between qualitative comments and quantitative statistics and provides trend analysis over time.

Contact us for pricing details regarding custom questions and text analytics.