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Member Satisfaction Tracking Survey

Discover your members’ perceptions of cooperative performance and how those perceptions compare to national benchmarks through the Member Satisfaction Tracking System. Often called the “cooperative report card,” samples of your membership are surveyed online at an interval of your choosing – monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. You can choose whether to gauge general satisfaction or to learn about your members’ satisfaction with a specific co-op experience, like reporting an outage, calling the call center, right-of-way maintenance and more. Touchstone Energy® cooperatives will receive an ACSI® score as part of this service.

Cooperative Difference Survey

The Cooperative Difference Survey is conducted annually by Cooperative Insights to provide cooperatives with key insights about how members view their electric provider, as well as evaluate member opinions of current and emerging utility industry issues and technologies. This survey effort is sponsored by Touchstone Energy®, and cooperatives earn an ACSI® score by participating. Participating cooperatives receive a comprehensive, board-ready report, and aggregate reports are available to G&Ts and/or Statewides if several member systems participate.

Broadband Satisfaction Survey

The growth of electric cooperative investment into rural broadband infrastructure has provided much needed internet access to thousands of rural households.  As the number of broadband subscribers grows, so does the importance of collecting feedback on the member experience.

Cooperative Insights’ Broadband Satisfaction Survey is designed to provide timely feedback on reliability, value and customer service experiences linked to the broadband offering at your cooperative.

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Appliance Saturation Survey

Cooperative Insights regularly fields appliance saturation surveys on behalf of cooperatives nationwide. These studies return critical and reliable information about market saturations of energy-intensive appliances in the home, including space heating, water heating, electronics, washers/dryers, refrigerators and electric vehicles.

Through this survey, we can also provide the age of these energy-intensive appliances, home envelope characteristics, energy usage trends and member demographics.

These data satisfy survey requirements associated with the load forecast rules for RUS borrowers.

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