Broadband Satisfaction Survey

The growth of electric cooperative investment into rural broadband infrastructure has provided much needed internet access to thousands of rural households. As the number of broadband subscribers grows, so does the importance of collecting feedback on the member experience. 

Electric cooperatives take pride in providing high levels of service to their electric membership. Maintaining high levels of satisfaction is equally important to broadband subscribers. Cooperative Insights’ Broadband Satisfaction Survey is designed to provide timely feedback on reliability, value and customer service experiences linked to the broadband offering at your cooperative.

Living Up to High Performance Expectations

Cooperative members have come to expect outstanding service from their electric cooperatives. How does broadband offering measure up against the cooperative’s core electric service?  Failure to live up to these high expectations can have adverse impacts on the parent cooperative. Measuring performance through the Broadband Satisfaction Survey keeps cooperative management in touch with any areas of concern that may impact the cooperative’s image. 

Benchmarking Broadband Performance

As new cooperatives join the program, important benchmark metrics will become available to assess service performance across similar cooperative broadband service providers.  

Taking the Next Step Towards Broadband Service Excellence

The Broadband Satisfaction Survey provides constructive feedback on the member experience. With most cooperative broadband initiatives emerging from their infancy, measuring performance and taking corrective action is critical to maintaining a high level of satisfaction beyond the initial sign-up period.

The Broadband Satisfaction Survey provides both qualitative and quantitative feedback on key aspects of the internet service offering. Our online survey tool targets all broadband subscribers periodically throughout the year, delivering insights tailored to meet your business needs.

Member comments are collected throughout the survey and provided back to the cooperative for immediate attention and follow-up as needed.


Survey results are analyzed and tabulated quarterly throughout the year to provide consistent and timely feedback.

Reports include: