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Changing Dynamics of the Tracking Survey

Prior to 2018, the Member Tracking System used a phone-only collection method.  As people become more selective about answering their phones than before, a blended online and phone approach is necessary to reach members.  The Member Tracking System continues to evolve, becoming more dynamic while keeping up with changes in technology and communication.

This year, in an effort to simplify the survey, a redesigned instrument was introduced so cooperatives’ members would spend less time taking the survey without sacrificing any key insights.  Transaction surveys now focus solely on the member’s interaction with the cooperative, which cut the longest survey interview from 13 minutes to about 6 minutes.  In addition, satisfaction, engagement, and performance scores are now based on a simple random sample of the membership using the general population survey.

The combination of the survey redesign and expanded online data collection methods ensures we are hearing from members across the demographic spectrum.  These changes are essential to producing accurate and projectable feedback from your cooperative members captured in your quarterly report.