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Inaugural Broadband Survey Launches this Month; Customers to Provide Key Insights on Satisfaction

More than 85 years ago, rural communities lacked access to electricity and its promise of opportunity. That same challenge – the absence of opportunity – exists today as many rural communities across the country lack access to reliable, high-speed internet service. Electric cooperatives nationwide are again stepping up to fill a void with many establishing broadband subsidiaries to connect communities to a 21st century necessity.

A recent estimate from NRECA and RE Magazine indicates that more than 200 cooperatives in 37 states are now deploying broadband service and about 100 more are considering it. As electric cooperatives become more engaged in broadband space, the need to measure performance of subsidiary organizations and their impact to the electric cooperative becomes increasingly important.

Cooperative Insights is excited to announce the inaugural Broadband Satisfaction Survey. The first group of cooperative broadband participants is scheduled to begin surveying this month (April 2022).

Participating co-ops will gain important insights into areas such as reliability, service responsiveness and overall customer satisfaction. In addition, cooperatives who are members of Touchstone Energy® will also receive an ACSI score comparing performance of their broadband service offerings to their core electric service.

If you would like to hear more about the Broadband Satisfaction Survey, please contact Scott Saff at 919-875-3037 or