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Mixed-Mode Surveys Give All Members a Voice

The Member Tracking System started mixed-mode surveys this year.  This approach includes both phone and online surveys.  This blended method helps cooperatives to continue to reach a majority of their members.  New technologies on cell phones automatically block some of the survey calls.  Many members do not answer a call if it is not already a part of their contact list, resulting in less people answering their phones.  Cell phone usage continues to rise and people are now using cell phones as their primary phones; with over half of the Member Tracking Survey calls going to cell phones.  These changes to market standard make it even more important to include online surveys.

Most online surveys do not see the same completion rate as a phone survey.  However, online survey participation rates were equal to phone survey rates among electric cooperative members. During the first month of mixed-mode surveys, the Member Tracking System had an overall online completion rate of 21%.  The email completion rate of a cooperative usually matches the percentage of emails in the residential master file.  Over this year, cooperatives made diligent effort to collect and update their members’ email addresses.  This effort is evident with Member Tracking System results now showing an overall email percentage of about 40% and an online completion rate of 40%.