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Planning ahead? Three ways to collect insights that further your mission

Broadband Survey
If your cooperative is providing broadband service, the Broadband Satisfaction Survey provides constructive feedback on the member experience. By tracking customer satisfaction and earning ASCI® scores (a free benefit of Touchstone Energy® membership), your cooperative will be able to benchmark against your past and present electric cooperative scores to ensure your members receive the same high level of service from your broadband service.

Take the next step toward broadband service excellence and contact us today to sign up.

National Survey on the Cooperative Difference
Sign up for the 2024 National Survey on the Cooperative Difference, sponsored by Touchstone Energy®! This comprehensive survey makes it easy for you to gather detailed insight into your members’ interests, satisfaction, motivations, communication preferences, perceptions about your cooperative and much more. Get in touch to see how this effort could support your cooperative, and learn more here.

Online Focus Groups
A moderated, online focus group that provides valuable feedback for your cooperative, while also creating new connections and understanding of your co-op among participants. There’s still time to utilize an online focus group for your strategic planning before the end of the year. We can customize a Forum for you or work from existing surveys on topics such as member perceptions on rate plans and community programs, feedback on websites, bill design, annual meetings, and more! Get in touch at