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Top 3 Reasons to Host a Forum with Friends

This year, we’re excited to unveil a new service –Forum with Friends – powered by the principle of “cooperation among cooperatives.” A Forum with Friends enables 2-3 cooperatives to work together to gather feedback from members on emerging trends and topics impacting cooperative business strategy. Here are the top three reasons to consider this qualitative research offering.

  1. Great data at a great price.

You can split the cost of this qualitative survey effort with one or two of your peer cooperatives and still get an in-depth report of responses and data for just your co-op. You and your peers can choose from one of five topics important to co-ops nationwide, including:

The predesigned discussion guide enables faster survey turnaround and eliminates custom development costs.

  1. Build tactics to support your business strategy.

Qualitative research explores and provides deeper insights into the perceptions, motivations and opinions of your members, including verbatim responses to open-ended questions. Participant demographics are included in your report, providing you the opportunity to connect to your members in a relatable way.

  1. Effortlessly streamline discussions.

This methodology provides participants with a flexible platform allowing busy members to easily engage by logging in from any device at their convenience. Your cooperative can observe the discussions in real time and engage with members by responding in the survey if desired.

The Forum with Friends survey offering launched based on feedback from electric co-ops nationwide and utilizes the structure of our popular online focus group survey tool.  This online focus group blends the familiar feel of social networking sites with a traditional focus group, providing your co-op members with the opportunity to share their feedback and ask questions. 

The Forum with Friends and its peer offering of an online focus group provide co-ops with important qualitative feedback to complement your quantitative efforts.

For more information on scheduling a Forum with Friends in 2023, contact us at or email