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Want to Know What Your Members are Thinking? Join the 2022 National Survey on the Cooperative Difference Today!

Now, more than ever, your cooperative faces a growing list of challenges, including shifting member demands, new technologies, and increasingly stringent policies. The cooperative advantage for navigating these changes is that we put our members’ interests first.

You can hear directly from your members about their perspectives, needs and expectations by participating in the 2022 National Survey on the Cooperative Difference.

Sponsored by Touchstone Energy® and managed by Cooperative Insights, this national research initiative helps member cooperatives strengthen the relationship with their member-owners while yielding timely insights into member satisfaction, service expectations and emerging issues such as a renewable energy, electric vehicles and smart home devices.

More than 350 cooperatives have participated in this national study since 2004, and participants receive a summary report containing their results and national benchmark comparisons that can be used to identify areas of strength and weakness compared to peers. Participating Touchstone Energy® cooperatives also receive an American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI®) score, which uses standardized methodology to rank the performance of hundreds of companies across all business sectors.

Including member insights in your strategic efforts has never been more critical to your cooperative’s future success! If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of participating, project timeline, pricing, and other information, please fill out this form or visit Cooperative Insights.