National Survey on the Cooperative Difference

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Sponsored by Touchstone Energy®, the National Survey on the Cooperative Difference is conducted annually by Cooperative Insights to provide cooperatives with key insights about how members view their electric provider, as well as evaluate member opinions of current and emerging utility industry issues and technologies. The insights gained form the bedrock of strategic planning and messaging strategies.


One of the mainstays of the survey is an American Customer Satisfaction Index® score. Earning this metric is a key benefit available to Touchstone Energy® cooperatives, and with more than 60 cooperatives participating annually, you will be able to benchmark your ACSI® score against other cooperatives to determine areas of excellence and growth.

However, the survey goes beyond an ACSI® score and provides key insights about:

  • Member engagement index and key drivers
  • Perception of value and trust
  • Reliability and outage response
  • Community enrichment and engagement priorities
  • Home solar interest and motivations
  • Member segmentation based on environmental perceptions
  • Thoughts on smart home technologies and electric vehicles


All surveys are conducted online. Cooperatives can choose their participation level at 250 or 400 completed interviews. A sample of your membership reflective of your overall population will receive an e-mail invitation to participate, and data will be collected until your desired participation level is achieved.

Price & Deliverables

Participating cooperatives receive a comprehensive, co-op-specific report featuring quantitative results and national benchmarks, as well as verbatim comments from members. Contact us for pricing and more info!

G&Ts and/or Statewides:

Contact us for potential group pricing and the opportunity for an aggregate report.


Data collection typically occurs from June – August across all participating cooperatives. The amount of time to complete a survey varies based on member response, but online data collection for an individual cooperative takes approximately two weeks. Cooperative Insights will provide you with a specific timetable of when your surveys will begin and end. Our goal is to create and deliver all reports by November.